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Group Packages

1 Night

30 Persons

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Create Unforgettable Family Moments with Our Spacious Group Package

At Castillo De Woods Resort, we understand the importance of spending quality time with your extended family, and that’s why we’re delighted to introduce our spacious Family Package. With a generous capacity allowing up to 30 individuals, this package is perfect for large families seeking a memorable getaway.

Package Details:

Maximum Number of Persons Allowed: 30


1. Breakfast: Kickstart your day with a hearty and diverse breakfast spread that caters to the tastes of all family members. Enjoy everything from continental delights to local specialties.

2. Campfire: As the sun sets, gather around a mesmerizing campfire, creating an ambiance of warmth and togetherness. Share stories, laughter, and even roast marshmallows for an authentic bonding experience.

3. Evening Snacks: Delight in a wide array of delectable evening snacks, satisfying those mid-day cravings and ensuring no one in the family goes hungry.

4. Self Kitchen: For those who enjoy culinary adventures, we provide a fully-equipped kitchen where you can prepare meals just the way your family likes them.

5. Extra Beds: Rest easy knowing that everyone in your large family will have a comfortable place to sleep with the availability of extra beds.

6. BBQ: The highlight of your day awaits at 7:30 PM when you’ll be treated to a mouthwatering BBQ dinner. Savor a delicious variety of grilled delights that will please both young and old palates.

Reconnect with your extended family, relax in the peaceful surroundings of Castillo De Woods Resort, and make lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Book our spacious Family Package today and embark on an unforgettable family adventure that caters to the unique needs of large families.


Air Conditioner


Cable TV

Location Map

Hair Dryer

High speed WiFi

King Size Bed

Traditional Bath


Villa Rules

Check In

Check Out

Stay Rules

We believe in providing our guests with the utmost comfort and privacy. This is why we rent out The Entire Villa instead of individual rooms, ensuring that our guests can have a luxurious and uninterrupted stay.

Additionally, we offer extra beds for a nominal charge of RS.1000/- per bed per day, ensuring that guests can have an additional sleeping arrangement if needed without compromising on the quality of their stay.

Our Food Rules

We take great pride in serving unlimited meals to our guests. Our lunch and dinner menus include 2 non-vegetarian and 3 vegetarian dishes, ensuring that our guests have a wide variety of options to choose from. For those who prefer to cook their own meals, we offer a self-kitchen option at an additional charge of ₹1500 per day.

Our meal plans are priced at ₹500 for lunch, ₹500 for dinner, and ₹375 for BBQ per person per time.

We ensure that all our dishes are prepared using the freshest ingredients, and our chefs take great care to ensure that each dish is cooked to perfection. So come, indulge in our delicious and unlimited meals and have an unforgettable dining experience at our establishment.

*Accommodation package don’t include lunch and dinner, but available on request with extra charges.

Our Tour Rules

we offer a range of exciting tour options to ensure that our guests have an unforgettable experience. Our tours include off-road drives priced at ₹4500, sightseeing tours priced at ₹3000, night safaris priced at ₹3500, and short Kodai tours priced at ₹6000, all of which can accommodate up to 7 members per jeep. For those who prefer a more active and adventurous tour, we offer hiking tours at ₹1500 per person for 3-4 hours. Guide charges will be extra for all activities, ensuring that our guests have the necessary support and guidance throughout their tour. So come, explore the beauty of our surroundings and create memories that will last a lifetime with our exciting tour options.

Payment Policy

To block your preferred dates, we require an advance payment, which will be communicated to you at the time of booking.

Additionally, we would like to inform our guests that a 28% GST will be levied on all packages, which will be added to the final bill. We believe in complete transparency with our guests and make sure that there are no hidden charges or surprises during their stay.

So, book your stay at our resort without any worries, knowing that we have a clear and straightforward payment policy in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Castillo De Woods villa is able to accommodate up to 30 guests.

Castillo De Woods villa has 6 bathrooms available.

Castillo De Woods villa has 3 bedrooms available.

Stays at Castillo De Woods villa must last at least one night.

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