Castillo De Woods
Experience The Chillness of Nature
The Villa is completely made out of wood.The amzing view from the property to the mountain opposite will be something unforgettable.The key feature of our resort is about the privacy that will add more excitement and joy . and if you are being in a crowded place or city ,this place is highly recommended. Our villa accomodates Solo Travelers, Business Travelers, Families and Large groups.the place will conquer your mind for its ambience,staff, location,Outdoor spaces with the Chilled environment Surrounding you.
Cool & Calm Outdoor
Enjoy the best natural treat
When you want to escape the tranquility for a taste of quaint mountain town life, all you need to do is take a ride to Castillo De Woods, Munnar. Famous for its romantic remoteness in the Munnar Mountain Range, this hotel attracts both domestic and international visitors not only for the extreme skiing but also for its breathtaking wildlife. Guests can hop on a sleigh to watch thousands of elk roam free, while adventure-seekers can experience the full sweeping beauty by walking and trekking. The absolute epitome in luxury living, it's the perfect place to go for a more relaxed stay. Set on 187 km2 in the Great Smoky mountains, this elegant country-style haven is a real pastoral treasure. With cozy hillside cottages, artisanal farm produce and antique coffee plantations filled the mountains, it's the intersection of rustic charm and traditional luxury. Castillo De Woods featuring cozy architecture, units have views of the mountains or garden.
Classic Rooms
With authentic traditional touch
If you're looking for a luxury resort, this is definitely not the place. But if you're looking for a unique, peaceful, quiet place with traditional touch and experience, then this is a perfect place to go. Castillo De Woods Resort offers a panoply of accommodation in an authentic “traditional type”, guest rooms in typical Kerala architecture with a design in modern and contemporary style. Come and make at Castillo De Woods, a catching discovery where old blends with new and experience the evolutionary development of Munnar living. Build in concrete bricks or in typical keraline wooden style has been individually decorated in a fresh and elegant manner offering an high standard of comfort and pleasure to stay. Antiques Indian pieces are displayed in room giving a unique atmosphere and a memorable charme. A luxury king-sized bed, generous space, modern amenities and comfort await guests, making our Room a popular accommodation choice at Castillo De Woods.
The Best Surroundings
Suit for all natural experiences
If you want a quiet place, explore and enjoy the tropical jungle, the calm nature and have the option of doing nothing or exerting yourself with some physical activity, this is a good place. Castillo De Woods Resort is about two years old now, and not surprisingly, is beginning to show it’s age. Not that many resorts are built within a tropical forest yet preserving the surrounding natural ecology. The resort makes the first impression by its picture-perfect setting with dramatic mountain view and sun-kissed private decks. Offering wooded room accommodation, with finely embroidered designs, luxurious bathrooms and private walled gardens, Castillo De Woods does justice to the ambiance and surrounding scenery. The state-of-the-art facilities and the hospitality warmth are things that allow the place to outshine.
Our Facilities
We provide the beset facilities for our guests